TCP/IP and Networking Essentials for Broadcast Engineers

3-day training course covering TCP/IP and Networking Essentials for broadcast engineering audiences. The course includes IP, Ethernet, SNMP, routing, switching and protocol analysis

Detailed Course Modules

Networking Concepts

OSI Open Systems Interconnection (OSI 7 layer model)


X Base T physical connection systems; Coaxial and optical Ethernet physical implementations; CSMA / CD; Ethernet Frames and Jumbo Frames; Repeater, Bridges, Hubs & Switches; 10, 100 & 1000 Mbit/s Ethernet

Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol RFCs (Requests for Comment); The IP Datagram; IP Address classes; IP communication over Ethernet; Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) {RFC 826}

IP Routing

Simple IP Routing; Multiple hop routing; Sub nets and subnet masks; Segmenting network traffic; Hostnames and Aliases


Sockets, Ports and Services; Transmission Control Protocol (TCP); Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP); IP Multicasting (RFC 1112); NAT - Network Address Translation

The Domain Name System (DNS)

Use of IP commands; arp; ping and pathping; ipconfig; netstat; telnet; tracert


FTP (File Transfer Protocol); Anonymous FTP; TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)


OIDs (Object Identifiers) MIBs (Management Information Bases); Messages and Traps; Structure of SNMP messaging

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