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An IPTV system with these key elements provides numerous advantages over a standard cable delivery system. First of all, all of the content is digital, which vastly improves the picture quality that viewer’s experience. Also, viewers will almost immediately recognize that an IPTV solution gives providers the ability to offer much more content. This is due to the switched broadcast capability of IPTV. With cable infrastructures, the cable company puts every channel on the wire at all times; the viewer then picks which channel they want to view and tunes into that channel. Because of this, with a standard cable delivery system, the provider is limited by the available bandwidth. The switched broadcast capability of an IPTV system allows it to put only the content the viewer is requesting on the wire, and when the viewer requests a different channel, the provider switches the channel. This allows the provider to have virtually an unlimited amount of channels and frees them from the constraints of the available bandwidth.

Another advantage of an IPTV system is that it is economically more efficient. Many pieces of an IPTV system are significantly less expensive due to the ever decreasing cost of IP related technology, allowing providers to give their customers more content for less. The cost of transporting content with Internet Protocol is inherently less than the current cable delivery costs. IP set-top boxes are less expensive than cable set-top boxes, and IP networking costs are declining faster than traditional networking costs. In addition to being able to provide more content for less, with IPTV, providers can provide interactivity and associated features to their viewers.

IPTV also gives smaller operations like campuses, small telephone companies and cable operators, hotels/motels/resorts, and numerous other industries features typically only offered by big name cable companies. Utilizing the middleware that accompanies the IPTV system, providers have the ability to provide branded services like video-on-demand, time-shifted television, the “start over” feature, and converged services such as on-screen caller ID. IPTV allows for more content at a lower price, provides interactivity and features not typically seen in smaller operations, and with the SYSM IPTV solution, providers can create an IPTV system using their existing DSL/PON, cable, or Ethernet infrastructures.

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