Scheduled Content Service Platform

also known as Broadcast or Linear TV Service


Scheduled Content Services is an audio and video content service where the play-out schedule is fixed. The content is delivered to the user for immediate consumption or recording. Service and Content protection mechanisms may be applied to the content. The Platform is based on a High-availability (HA) cluster - a collection of streaming servers, called live streaming nodes that communicate with each other to make a set of services highly available to clients. HA cluster is based on Network Load Balancing clustering technology witch guaranty to clients a perfect failover and load balancing thru a distributed architecture.

A combination of active/active or N to N live streaming servers redistribute the services, instances or connections from the failed server among the remaining active servers, thus eliminating the need for a 'standby' server, but introducing a need for extra capacity on all active servers. This is usually only possible when the live streaming servers use a homogeneous configuration. Scheduled Content Service Platform support:

  • Access to Free-to-View Scheduled Content Services.
  • Access to Subscription based Scheduled Content Services.
  • Access to Pay-Per-View Scheduled Content Services. It is possible to limit consumption to a certain time window or a certain number of consumptions.
  • Manually configuration from the end user for location of the IPTV resources providing the Scheduled Content Service. The location may be the service itself or a definition of the service and its offerings
  • Fast channel changing mechanism to switch from one scheduled content channel to another in less than 500 msec

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