Video Encoding and Transport

3-day course looks at the evolution of Digital TV and how IPTV services are encoded and delivered

Detailed Course Modules

Television Architecture and Evolution

Colour Television; NTSC, PAL, SECAM; Digital Video Broadcasting Formats; Analogue Television; Teletext, captions and sub-titles; Digital Television; Digital Modulation: MPEG Hierarchy, MPEG1, MPEG2; Digital Video Broadcasting; Over-the-air broadcasting

Television Head-End Technology for Broadcasting

Digital vs Analogue; Head-ends; Signal Reception; Head-end Signal Processing; Head-end Operation; Encoders and Multiplexers; Delivery Mechanisms; Broadband Distribution Systems

MPEG Encoding

Compression Concepts; MPEG Compression; I, P and B Pictures; Prediction and Interpolation; Reordering; Motion: Prediction, estimation and compensation; MPEG Levels and Profiles; Audio Compression; Framing Formats; Multiplexing of Signals; Hands-on Exercise: Configuring a Camera Feed and Encoding in MPEG; Hands-on Exercise: Analyzing MPEG Program Stream

MPEG-4 and H.264 Standards

Related standards and Evolution; Video Object Plane (VOP); Static Sprite Coding; Advanced Coding Efficiency (ACE); Advanced Audio Coding (AAC); Texture Coding; Studio Quality Encoding; AVC, H.26L, H.264 and other names; Syntax of Encoding; H.264 Modes and Slices: I, P, B, SP and SI; Intra Prediction; Luma, Chroma and Signaling prediction; Deblocking Filter; Context-based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC); Extended Profiles; MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264 Comparisons; Hands-on Exercise: Encoding in H.264; Hands-on Exercise: Playing HDTV encoded in H.264

MPEG-2 Transport Streams and Packets

MPEG-2 Transport Stream; Programme Streams; Encoding Tables; PCR; EPG; Error Control of Over Air Transmission; Transport Stream Table Analysis; Hands-on Exercise: Installing and using a Transport Stream Analyzer; Hands-on Exercise: Analyzing a Satellite Transport Stream; Hands-on Exercise: Analyzing a Terrestrial TV Transport Stream; Hands-on Exercise: Analyzing Multicast IPTV Transport Stream

TV Content Production

Planning Content Production; Pre Production; Camera and Encoding Technology; Post Production; Hands-on Exercise: Content Editing and Production

Customer Interface Issues: Set-top Boxes

STB architecture; Inside a digital STB; Middlewares; STB software stack; Display formats; HDMI; HDMI Video and Audio Format Support; Comparison Between Interfaces

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