Content-on-Demand Service Platform

also known as Video on Demand and including Content Download


The Content on Demand platform is based on a High-availability (HA) cluster - a collection of servers, called CoD nodes that communicate with each other to make a set of services highly available to clients. HA cluster is based on Network Load Balancing clustering technology witch guaranty to clients a perfect failover and load balancing thru a distributed architecture. A combination of active/active or N to N servers redistribute the services, instances or connections from the failed server among the remaining active servers, thus eliminating the need for a 'standby' server, but introducing a need for extra capacity on all active servers.

Content-on-Demand Service Platform support

  • Access to Free-to-View CoD / Free VoD (FVoD – assets available free of charge)
  • Access to Subscription based CoD / Subscription VoD (SVoD – assents available in subscription packages)
  • Access to Pay-Per-View based CoD / Transactional VoD (TVoD – assets or bundle of assets available for rental
  • The following CoD play out controls: play, stop, pause, resume, normal-backward, slow-backward, fast-backward, normal-forward, slow-forward, fast-forward

Streamed CoD

The bulk of the content in most broadcast set-ups (IPTV, cable, or otherwise) is live viewing, or content that is broadcast live from the head-end to the viewers. VOD content is essentially stored content that is delivered to viewers whenever they choose as a unicast from the server (live streaming or progressive downloading). A unicast is a one-to-one stream of the content and is displayed when a viewer selects a certain program, such as a movie, to watch on-demand. The server delivers a unique copy of the content to that particular viewer for a specified amount of time and direct consumption.

Push CoD

Push content on demand is a technique used by a number of broadcasters on systems that lack connectivity to provide true video on demand or by broadcasters who want to optimize their video streaming infrastructure by pre-loading the most popular contents to the consumer device. Push CoD support direct consumption from local storage. Users can watch the downloaded content at the time they desire, immediately and without any buffering issue The IPTV Service Provider is able to initiate a download session on a specific consumer device, and on groups of consumer devices.

Catch up TV

Catch up TV (or Replay TV) is VOD in which TV shows are available for a period of days after the original television broadcast. Services provided by broadcasting agents use this terminology when offering typically time limited on VOD options on schedules aligned with their main transmissions.

Start over TV

Start over TV (or start from beginning TV) is service that lets you restart a currently airing television show from the beginning at any point during its regularly scheduled time

Time Shift TV

The time shift service allows a user to halt a scheduled content service and continue watching the program later, by providing buffering for pause, rewind and resume. Our platform supports time shift using local client’s device storage or network storage.

Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

PVR is a service, which enables a user to record scheduled content program events using local or network-based storage. The recorded items can be played back under the control of the user.

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